The Visitor

The attendants are not looking well. The tall one is extra pale and the smaller one looks smaller than usual. I was unsurprised, then, when a third person appeared this morning–not a grand attendant or a tedious “guest” but a woman with a determined and efficient face. It was obvious she had arrived with the intention of improving my attendants’ competence and work ethic. I liked her immediately.

Pleasingly, she began to discuss each aspect of my care and routine with my attendants. They took turns describing my usual activities and modest daily requirements such as my preferences as to how and when I am served meals and libations, like to be bathed and clothed, and the circumstances under which I usually retire for the day. They focused in some detail on the brevity of my periods of rest. At first, the visitor listened to their account in stony silence. Then she shook her head and interrupted the tall attendant, “I have heard enough. It is no wonder you are having such a hard time managing this obviously easy-going child.”

She looked rightly grim and set about reprimanding them. At one point she bought out some important papers to outline in happy details all the things they were doing wrong.

 I voiced my approval at the wise visitor. The tall attendant looked serious and took notes while the small one went very quiet. 

After her long, stern and accurate discourse on their many failings, she paused and looked my attendants in the eye, pointed her finger at their chests and said 

“Remember, YOU are the adults! YOU are in charge!”

My attendants turned to me with some horror and I laughed uproariously at this joke. The visitor turned out to not only be wise but also a fine and entertaining jester. I hope she stops by often. 

My attendants looked even paler and smaller upon her departure.