The useless red attendant

This day heralded new and baffling attempts on the part of my attendants to shirk and make mockery of their duties. 

After the indignity of putting me in frills and placing a decorative and demeaning edifice on my head, they took me in the carriage to the place they call city, where we stood unmoving for too long in a bright place, surrounded by other attendants. While the lights pleased me, the torpidity and idleness did not and I chastised everyone involved for the confusion and delay. 

Once I had finally made my wishes clear, we were taken from the line to a cave where they attempted to hand me to a big fat red attendant of no use and no experience with Overlords (looking, as he did, so plump and joyful and well-rested). They looked amused while some other attendants made a record of the ridicule. Then they looked worried because I would not have it. I shouted and shouted, demanding to be released by the fat mock attendant, and so the tall attendant had to hold me and stand next to him. I did not let up in my protest of this reprehensible treatment.

Upon our exit from this cave of insolence, the attendants were handed a sleeve of portraits and I was cheered to see my screaming objection etched into all of them; each likeness a pleasing record of my defiance.