The Outside

They still do not understand about the Outside.

There is a carriage but it does not please me. I either see their faces and nothing else, or the Outside and not their faces, in which case – who knows what trouble is brewing?

Then there is an assortment of garments they attempt don so they might pick me up and wear me. This is an outrage without compare. There is a garment with hood, there is a garment with a bear on the front, and there is a garment of dark hue and no adornment.

They all have many straps and buckles and always the attendants call to their gods for help.

No help comes and I protest their attempts.

Today was a little better. The tall one was alone with me and particularly flustered. She tried each of the garments in turn, as well as the carriage. I  explained to her what was wrong with each. I held forth for some time and with some passion.

Eventually we went to the Outside with her pushing the carriage, wearing the black garment, and carrying me as I would prefer – on her side, but facing forward so I can watch the leaves.