The Yellow Bear

Sometimes on the wall of sound and light there is a yellow bear who dances and a window with an arch. These things please me.

Today when I was midway through one of my more lengthy remonstrations, one attendant took the wand and made the wall dance with many things but there was no bear. The other attendant took the wand and made desperate attempts but the wall only showed heads of tedious talking.

I did not cease my lecture, but included the absence of the bear amongst my admonishments.

The attendants quarreled amongst themselves meantime. One of them left the chamber with stomping. The other reached down to me with her hand-light.

I have deduced that her hand light is a device for the feeble minded, as she needs to refer to it constantly and requires it to navigate the world. I pushed it away as I have no need of such aid and was offended. She brought it back again and I was set to strike her when I saw upon it the yellow bear.